So they want to know everything about everything! At Great Expectations we love this stage because we recognise the huge learning potential it has to offer and we have lots of ways of helping your child find the answers (and usually lots more questions) to their many questions.

Our magnificent pre-school area has been carefully constructed to immerse children in a world of endless possibilities! There is so much to ignite interest and motivate enquiring minds including access to the wonderful outdoor play area. The area is made up of four interconnecting rooms which consist of:

  • A Laboratory – where your child can explore a variety of media such as sand, water, dough, slime, and food
  • A Studio – equipped with everything your child needs to express themselves creatively
  • A Theatre – where imagination is stretched to its fullest
  • A Library and technology centre – where children can foster a love of stories as well as develop their skills for the technical world we live in

A highly qualified teaching team is on hand to make sure that children’s investigations are fun and valuable learning experiences. As with all of our children’s spaces, there are toilet and sleeping facilities to promote independence and ensure children are comfortable and well rested.

Our investigators (children aged between 2 ½  and 5 years) are taking a journey from being a toddler to becoming a pre-schooler and it never ceases to amaze us how mature they can be! They will begin to play with their friends rather than alongside, to plan and negotiate play using increasingly more sophisticated language, start to fine tune their physical skills such as running and set themselves challenges.

Because we have built close relationships with the children in our care, we are sensitive to their transition and understand what it means to each individual child. Our role is very much about enabling children to test and try out their ideas, to help children expand upon these with a view to maximising the learning potential and to offer responsive support when needed.

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Great Expectations is a family run nursery in the heart of Middlesbrough catering for children between 6 weeks and 5 years. We have an excellent reputation for delivering a high quality service.

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