Food and Nutrition

Kitchen Facilities


We believe that healthy food provides the fuel to keep your child playing and learning throughout the day.

All food is prepared and cooked fresh on the premises by Lisa our nursery cook. She works hard to ensure that all meals are balanced and nutritious by using recipes from the Annabel Karmen range and following the ‘Eat Better Start Better’ guidelines.

Lisa also ensures high standards of food safety and hygiene by following the Safer Food Better Business guidelines. Her dedication has earned us a five start award for food hygiene standards.



Much time and consideration has been given to mealtimes to ensure that they are happy and relaxed so that children can enjoy the food on offer.

These times also provide a chance to develop personal and social skills with very young children having a go at feeding themselves and older children serving and clearing away.



We provide cows milk for children to promote teeth and bone health
If your child is feeding on formula milk, you can be confident that their needs will be met too.
We ask that you bring in the formula so that we can make it up at the times to suit your child.

Nursing Mothers


If you are feeding your child yourself, we can store expressed milk until your child requires it. We also have a family room where you can feed your baby at nursery if desired.

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